Keynote Systems Launches Testing Service for Mobile Content

Aiming to help service providers ensure the quality of their offerings, Keynote Systems Inc. announced at CTIA Wireless 2007 the build-out of a global distributed mobile test and measurement network.

Keynotes on-demand testing and monitoring service will initially allow companies to measure their mobile applications, services and content quality on both real and emulated devices from 20 cities, across more than 50 carriers worldwide, with additional cities and carriers to be added as dictated by demand.

Mobile operators worldwide have been turning to test and measurement services as they attempt to bring differentiated services to customers in a timely manner in a fiercely competitive market. Bandwidth constraints also make these efforts challenging.

Customers will access the global network using Keynotes two products: Mobile Device Perspective (MDP) and Mobile Application Perspective (MAP). MDP lets mobile operators, content developers and service providers test and measure mobile content and services using real devices, on live wireless networks, from multiple geographic locations around the globe.

MDP also allows users to perform remote tests on real devices, on more than 50 wireless networks, from multiple geographic locations globally, all from their own desktops via the MyKeynote Web portal.

MAP provides customers with a repeatable, interactive way to test and validate mobile content and applications on thousands of emulated device profiles. All tests are done with an extensive, up-to-date library of more than 1,000 different emulated devices and user profiles, with the added ability to load additional device profiles into the library as needed.

Testing will be sold by the daily time block, and measurements will be sold by the transaction. Prices start at $500 per day for interactive testing services and $500 per month for transaction monitoring.

Keynote Systems Inc.

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