ESI Unveils New Communications Servers

Estech Systems Inc. (ESI), a manufacturer of digital and IP-based telephone systems, has unveiled new communications server products and enhancements to its Visually Integrated Phone (VIP) suite.

In a recent a product rollout meeting with ESI resellers, the company unveiled the ESI-100, ESI-200, ESI-600 and ESI-1000 communication servers.

The ESI-100 is the companys smallest system and has an 8-port/140-hour voice mail and supports up to 84 digital and/or IP stations, and T1/PRI. The ESI-200 targets SMBs with a total of 190 digital and/or IP stations and has two standard voice mail configurations, a 16-port/140-hour and a 24-port/600-hour. The ESI-600 supports up to 408 digital and/or IP stations, the ESI-600 comes with a 32-port/1,200 hour voice mail. The ESI-1000 comes standard with a mirrored memory module for data redundancy and a 128-port/1,200-hour voice mail. It has a combined total of 816 digital and/or IP stations.

The changes in VIP include a GUI, new functionality and updates which make the systemIP easier to install.

The ESI communications servers use digital communications and IP technologies and have voice mail, auto attendant, automatic call distribution, flexible numbering and shared-office tenanting. Each system can support ESIs presence-management platform and IP capabilities such as Esi-Link remote networking and SIP phones. They also support VIP software applications including VIP Professional, VIP PC Attendant Console, VIP Softphone and VIP ACD.

The ESI-100, ESI-200 and ESI-600 communications servers and the enhancements to VIP applications are available through ESIs network of certified resellers. The ESI-1000 Communication Sever is available for Beta testing.

Estech Systems Inc.

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