Tekelec, HP Announce Partnership

Tekelec and Hewlett-Packard Co. are developing a joint solution to support carrier multimedia services over the IMS architecture.

The combo includes IMS core network infrastructure, service enablers, operational and business support system interfaces and application service offerings.

This is really bringing together the best of what we do and the best of what they do, taking the integration headaches out of the picture for service provider, explained Ronald de Lange, president and general manager at Tekelec.

Tekelecs call state control function (CSCF) platform for controlling multimedia traffic, dubbed the TekCore Session Manager, and HPs OpenCall home subscriber server (HSS) for mobility management for subscribers, are the building blocks, which utilize ATCA, Linux, and Intel technology.

The solution also includes:

Service enablers such as the media resource function (MRF), presence server, electronic numbering (ENUM), group list management and voice call continuity (VCC) platforms; Multimedia applications such as enhanced voice services, instant messaging (IM) and multimedia content sharing (e.g., “see what I see”); and Integration with back-office and legacy systems.

The companies have deployed the joint solution, including third-party IMS applications such as multi-instance gaming, in the HP Intel Solution Center in Richardson, Texas. Additionally, Tekelec and HP are working with service providers to extend their IMS trials with the new elements of the joint IMS-based solution, which will interoperate with any standards-compliant third-party IMS elements.


Hewlett-Packard Co.

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