Verizon Business Adds to IP Termination Portfolio

Verizon Business announced a new wholesale VoIP termination product for sale through the companys wholesale arm, Verizon Partners Solutions. Carrier IP Termination Transport , which allows long-distance voice calls to be terminated when the call originates as non-IP but is converted to IP. By connecting to the Verizon Business global network via SIP, carriers with IP-based networks need not convert the IP call to time division multiplexing (TDM) for final routing to the PSTN.

The service is in addition to Carrier IP Termination SIP, which was rolled out in spring 2006, to provide termination for calls that originate as IP.

We continue to see demand in the marketplace from wholesale customers with IP networks who are converting and transporting a lot of their traffic as IP to not have that stipulation that calls originate as IP, said Mike Yancey, director of wholesale voice product management for Verizon Business, explaining the reason for the new product.

The differences between the two primarily are in the rating. Because of nonspecific regulations on VoIP services, Verizon Business offers interstate pricing on Carrier IP Termination SIP, said Yancey. In contrast, Carrier IP Termination Transport is rated more traditionally using inter- and intrastate rates. Wholesale customers have the option of blended rating based on state and LATA or access-based billing based upon OCN.

Because of the desire on their part to achieve the more aggressive rates associated with an IP-originated call, [wholesale customers] could use Carrier IP Termination SIP, said Yancey. For other traffic they cannot guarantee truly originated as an IP call at the end user location, they can use the Carrier IP Termination Transport and still have the benefit of being able to within their network transport everything as IP and hand it off as IP.

The service is available immediately. Yancey said one unnamed carrier already has signed up and is being onboarded.

No beta customers were engaged since the product is rate-based. The only change for Verizon was enabling its systems to segregate between SIP and Transport traffic.

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