RADCOM Integrates XML Scripting Engine

RADCOM Ltd. said Monday it has integrated a full XML scripting engine in its SIP service simulation platform.

The scripting engine is the companys latest addition to SIPSim and was unveiled at Spring 2007 VON in San Jose, Calif.

RADCOMs new SIPSim creates an optimum lab environment to thoroughly test carrier-grade SIP-based products before network deployment. Vendors and service providers can emulate hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously. They can create various network scenarios and implement different call flows.

The company also is featuring Omni-Q for quad-play service providers at VON.

Omni-Q allows network monitoring, traffic correlation and service troubleshooting, across the different platforms and technologies involved in quad-play network architectures.

Omni-Qs ability to support IP and 3G cellular technologies under the same management umbrella is an important advantage to service providers of all types. Omni-Q customers include 3G network operators using IP to backhaul cellular traffic, cable operators offering VoIP, ILECs and CLECs provisioning VoIP and IPTV, and cellular operators implementing IMS to support fixed mobile convergence.

Omni-Q is powered by the RADCOMs GearSet, which has probes that enable data processing at a rate of up to 10gbps, the company said.


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