D2 Technologies Launches New Embedded VoIP Software

Embedded software provider D2 Technologies has unleashed the next generation of its vPort VoIP product line, which enables manufacturers to quickly and affordably develop such VoIP-enabled devices as Wi-Fi/VoIP dual-mode phones, triple-play devices, advanced VoIP adapters/gateways, IP phones and other mobile devices.

The new version of vPort offers enhanced multiservice/multisession protocol support, allowing it to handle both traditional SIP-based VoIP and the latest VoIM protocols such as XMPP and other signaling protocols for messaging services such as GoogleTalk, Yahoo!, MSN Messenger and Gizmo. This version of vPort also brings with it real-time enhancements and kernel-level packet processing for improved CPU efficiency.

The vPort is now available in four versions, all of which are available now:

vPort MP WiFi (VoWLAN) and dual-mode mobile phones.

vPort GW CPE gateways, ATA/router/IAD and triple-play devices.

vPort IPP IP desktop phones and speakerphones.

vPort CP cordless VoIP/VoIM phones.

In other news this week, D2 announced that vPort has been adopted by E28 Limited for a new line of dual-mode FMC smart phones.

D2 Technologies


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