AIT Introduces Speeding Hound

Advanced Internet Technologies Inc. (AIT, Booth 728) has introduced Speeding Hound, a client-side application that lets users search the Web quickly and thoroughly by instantly submitting search queries to multiple search engines, and displaying all of the results in a single concise window. The searches can be global or localized and the application can be customized to fit a partners specific needs.

AIT said Speeding Hound delivers a compelling value proposition to partners, subscribers and advertisers. Partners who sign up for an affiliate partner account will get access to a management GUI, where they can provide the Speeding Hound application to their subscribers, or their advertisers who want to push their messages to a partners Speeding Hound subscribers. Ads can be delivered by industry, user patterns and habits, verticals or geographic location. Partners can run their own advertising campaigns and set pricing, or AIT can syndicate advertising content on the partners behalf.

Advertisers also can pay to register exclusive key words to maximize valid click-throughs. The number of users is tracked along with clicks to the advertisers site by Speeding Hounds validation technology that manages client devices like a PC at the packet level.

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