Session Addresses Managed Security Service Opportunity

Opportunity is knocking hard for those looking to provide managed security services to small and midsize business who typically have limited IT budgets and expertise, a topic that will be the focus of the session, Managed Security Made Simple, held today at 10 a.m. But before anyone rushes to answer the door, they must first have knowledge of the security services available and how they work.

Perimeter Internetworking CEO, Brad Miller, along with John Mc Fadden, vice president of channel sales for MegaPath Inc., and Scott Kinka, vice president of network services for Broadview Networks, will discuss threat and actions in a session moderated by Geoff Shepstone, president of Telecom Brokerage Inc. (TBI).

Industry analysts agree that the more layers you have, the better off youll be.

Beyond laying out the types and functions of the layers, the session also will focus on how CLECs and network service providers can take advantage of what he claims is a mounting volume of attacks on SMBs. The stakes also continually are rising as the type of hacker changes from grad school students to 12-year-olds jacked up on Twinkies and Mountain Dew, to organized crime worldwide, contends Clark Easterling an executive with Perimeter. The speaker sees the need, and thus the opportunity, to focus on several layers of managed security services.

The first level consists of a firewall offering, while the next is an intrusion-detection service, followed by a third which has been called a gateway antivirus offering. Layer four is a Web content filtering service, with the top layer being a desktop antivirus service. In the session, Miller will describe each layer in detail and what each is designed to address, along with anticipated benefits. The session also will cover what companies need to provide to customers in the way of software and occasionally hardware to enable the layered services. Just as the managed services industry has evolved, so too has the menu of session participant Broadview Networks, an integrated communications provider serving small and medium businesses in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States. Kinka, the firms vice president of network services can put managed security service in perspective as a piece of a large portfolio that can be sold to businesses. Broadview also sells VPN, voice calling, private line and Internet services.

Attendees can expect TBIs Shepstone to provide a brief historical perspective of the market, given that his firm has been providing managed services as a premier master agent for more than 15 years. His company sells through more than 600 independent agencies, providing training, marketing information and both pre- and post-sales support.

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