SecurityCoverage Releases Remote PC Support Platform

Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based SecurityCoverage (Booth 510), a provider of fully managed, fully supported, corporate-style desktop computing security services to individual users through a partnership group of ISPs and telecommunications and cable companies across the nation, has released the Remote PC Support Platform. This platform, which has been used by SecurityCoverage for its managed services for nearly three years, gives technical support staff access to a customers PC so that service techs can see the screen, diagnose the problem, and then walk the customer through troubleshooting processes or take control and do it themselves without the need to send a technician to the site.

The Remote PC Support Platform has the same remote capabilities SecurityCoverage uses to provide hands-free installation of its SecureIT Services. With the Remote PC Support Platform, providers can:

Increase customer satisfaction by resolving their issues faster and without the hassle involved with trying to do things over the phone.

Increase efficiency of the technicians by limiting the time spent on trouble tickets and allowing multiple support cases to be handled simultaneously.

Reduce the number of in-house service calls caused by nonservice-related issues.

The Remote PC Support Platform is available to SecurityCoverage partners immediately and can be used to provide technical support to SecureIT and non-SecureIT subscribers. SecurityCoverage provides the entire infrastructure required in its data center, meaning no additional equipment or servers are needed at other locations. The Remote PC Support Platform follows a per-installation model with pricing starting at $35 per month and no training is required.

SecurityCoverage has established a strong track record for helping end users remotely, said Eric Christoffersen, SecurityCoverage vice president of partner services. The Remote PC Support Platform allows us to extend those capabilities to our partners to help them improve service delivery, as well as their ties to their customers.

SecurityCoverage is looking to make more partnerships in the indirect channel. In 2006, SecurityCoverage signed a partnership agreement with Associated Network Partners Inc., a consortium of more than 350 independent telephone companies spanning 42 states.

SecurityCoverage also recently has signed partnership agreements with Airstream Communications LLC and SRT Communications, to provide fully managed, fully supported desktop security services to the broadband consumers of its telecom customers throughout Wisconsin and North Dakota, respectively. The companies will offer SecureIT Plus Service to the homes and businesses on its broadband network.

In other news, SecurityCoverage announced record-breaking results for the third quarter of 2006 in revenue, partners and end-user customers. SecurityCoverage President and CEO Robert ODell reported that revenue for the third quarter of 2006 grew 43 percent compared to the previous quarter, and third-quarter revenue grew 668 percent compared to the same quarter in 2005; the number of partners that resell SecurityCoverage services increased 48 percent from the third quarter of 2005 to the same quarter of 2006; and the number of subscribers end-user customers of the companys services increased more than 600 percent from the third quarter of 2005 to the same quarter of 2006.


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