Genesys Conferencing Targets Simple Enterprise Deployments With New Conferencing Release

Multimedia meeting provider Genesys Conferencing (Booth 326) announced the fourth generation of its flagship service, Genesys Meeting Center, an integrated Web, voice and video collaboration solution, incorporating a completely new Ajax-based technology.

The vendor is demonstrating its Genesys Meeting Center package, which allows for easy enterprise-wide deployment of a feature-rich, multimedia collaboration (including desktop VoIP) at the Channel Partners Expo this week. The company already has begun selling the product through its the network of partners.

The use of standards-based Ajax technology enables ease of deployment. The latest version has been designed to remove the traditional issues preventing the adoption of collaborative solutions, explained Francois Legros, chairman and CEO of Genesys Conferencing. With no plug-ins, Java VM or downloads required for participants, Global 1000 IT management professionals can now deploy a robust, secure and comprehensive multimedia collaboration solution in no time, said Legros.

One analysts sees strong demand for the evolving multimedia conferencing package. Global businesses must operate inside an increasingly intricate and fast-changing web of relationships that span multiple countries, time zones and cultures, said Dominic Dodd, senior industry analyst with global growth consultancy at Frost & Sullivan. In response, Genesys Meeting Center provides a powerful multimedia collaboration solution which enables people at all levels within an organization, anywhere in the world, to hold highly effective and interactive meetings.

In particular, the latest edition of Genesys Meeting Center has been designed to address issues of ease of use and ease of deployment, thereby accelerating implementation across a large multilocation organization and achieving quicker understanding and take-up by users throughout the business, added Dodd.

The vendor says key features and benefits of the new Genesys Meeting Center include:

Ease of deployment and administration

Deep integration with enterprise applications

Ease of access, simplicity of use

U biquitous voice and Web access

Genesys Meeting Center also offers an integrated pricing model called the Multimedia Minute, which is a flat-rate, per-participant, per-minute pricing for integrated voice, Web and desktop video conferencing.

Frost & Sullivan
Genesys Conferencing

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