White Label Portal Automates Delivery, Upsell of Security Services

Channel Partners Conference & Expo sponsor Perimeter Internetworking has announced its new white label Network Service Provider (NSP) Portal. The company said it is the industrys first consolidated portal capable of managing and reporting on 50 pre-integrated, on-demand, IT security services under the service providers brand and logo.

Perimeters NSP Partner Program provides NSPs with an easy-to-implement, affordable and complete suite of IT security services and an integrated portal to offer their clients as a way of increasing the providers monthly recurring revenue, customer entanglement, retention and profitability.

SMBs are more susceptible to security breaches than a large enterprise because they typically have either no security or very little security on their networks, said Clark Easterling, vice president of marketing at Perimeter. Since SMB owners dont have the extra time, money or resources to devote to this growing problem, they often look to their NSP to provide a complete, single-source solution for them instead of contracting with multiple vendors to provide the security services necessary, he said. They recognize that having a single provider for all of their security needs keeps things simple and allows them to view all of their security services in one place.

And a single, central portal provides tangible evidence of all the viruses and attacks being thwarted by their security services, demonstrating the full value of their IT security investment, he said.

Perimeters NSP Portal is an online dashboard that carries the NSPs brand, logo and unique URL. It gives each end-user client an overall Security Protection Rating, provides a Security Attack Trends report and a consolidated snapshot of firewall and other core security service activities. The NSP Portal reports on what viruses and attacks were prevented and the number of events stopped since service activation began. Reports of all services by user, by site, and by e-mail address are available by day, week and month. The portal also enables managers to see where their employees are spending time on the Internet and where the companys SPAM is coming from.

Incident Alerts coupled with security advice to prevent future attacks is provided on the Portal home page.

A newsfeed on new products and supplemental services, as well as relevant alerts from other IT vendors, also is provided. With the click of a mouse, customers can order new security services via the portal, thus creating very sticky relationships with their providers. Furthermore, customers can submit trouble tickets online creating a very interactive experience. Perimeter customizes this white-label portal for each individual NSP Partner to ensure the best user experience for customers in different vertical markets or with unique compliance requirements and levels of risk tolerance.

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