Technology Law Group Partners to Address Contract Mistakes, Solutions

Telecom margins already are too thin for agents to risk making mistakes in their agreements with carriers. To that end, partners at Technology Law Group LLC, a Washington, D.C.-based firm specializing in legal and consulting services for the telecom industry, will help agents identify the five most common contract mistakes and show them how to rectify any problems.

Founder Neil Ende and attorney Greg Taylor are the slated speakers.

The five areas we have identified have substantial impacts on the agents obligations to the carrier, the carriers obligations to the agent, and how disputes among the parties are addressed, explained Taylor. Failure to properly negotiate any one of these terms can literally determine whether your company will thrive or fight to survive.

Taylor said the five most common mistakes his firm sees in agentcarrier agreements are commissions (rate, bad debt, billed versus collected revenue, when paid); customer ownership (who owns, noncompete issues); revenue commitments and rates (quality/availability of service considerations, rate protection); dispute resolution (forum selection, arbitration versus litigation); and post-contract considerations. Technology Law Group attorneys also will discuss how agents can win the negotiation process.

The agent agreement literally touches every aspect of the agents business, Taylor added. I cannot overstate the importance of addressing comprehensively, and in a balanced way, these five terms in your agent agreement, and then taking appropriate measures to ensure your business practices are in fact consistent with the Neil Ende Greg Taylor negotiated terms.

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