Intertex Expands North American Sales Channel

Intertex (Booth 328) announced it is expanding its sales channels within North America. Intertex will broaden the market for its IX67 and IX68 series Internet Gate products in North America through partnerships with telecommunications and computer equipment distributors, VARs, retailers and online resellers as well as Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs).

The IX67 and IX68 broadband access products include integrated router, firewall, ADSL-modem, wireless access point, telephone ports and more. They enable global IP-based person-to-person communications such as VoIP based on SIP while adding security to the LANs with a commercial-grade firewall.

The IX67 and IX68 allow SIP traffic to pass the firewall and include a SIP proxy and registrar that translate the SIP signaling between the different address spaces and dynamically control the NAT and firewall to allow SIP signaling and media such as VoIP. Work-arounds such as STUN, TURN, ICE or far-end NAT traversal are not needed when using Intertex IX67 or IX68 since standard SIP-based VoIP works between the Internet and the IX67- or IX68-protected LAN clients. Additionally, some models of the IX67 and IX68 include a backup port to direct calls to a traditional phone line in case the Internet connection or the VoIP service cannot handle the call. Finally, QoS is controlled by the Intertex IX67 and IX68 with voice streams automatically prioritized over data traffic, allowing undisturbed sound even under heavy data load.

The Intertex IX67 and IX68 also provide a number of advantages to ITSPs including lower startup costs and the ability to offer gateway products proven in very complex VoIP call scenarios, said the company.

The IX67 and IX68 will fill both the data and IP telephony needs for the advanced home users, home workers and offices up to 50 persons. The Intertex products are on display at the companys booth.

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