Broadview Networks Debuts FrontLine Managed Services

Broadview Networks (Booth 401) announced its new FrontLine Managed Services, which includes Inbound E-mail Security, managed firewall and secure VPN.

Inbound E-mail Security allows customers to define and control the information flow into their business, blocking spam, viruses and other dangerous executable attachments.

A point-and-click interface simplifies administration of this turnkey solution. In addition, the FrontLine Managed Firewall delivers active protection for your customers networks 24/7/365. Monitoring, reporting, maintenance and fault resolution proactively provided by Broadview security experts. The service protects against the most current and advanced network attacks, including denial of service. Stateful inspection technology ensures higher levels of security compared to standard packet filters or NAT. Attacks are blocked at the core Broadview network, ensuring a clean connection to the customer premise. And, SIP awareness seamlessly accommodates VoIP traffic.

Finally, the Frontline Secure VPN empowers customers to accommodate telecommuters and remote users with a secure, scalable network. Site-to-site and IPSec VPNs offer encrypted (DES & 3DES) service between locations so connecting offices is hassle-free.

Class-of-service capabilities allow customers to prioritize traffic based on type and optimize the use of bandwidth across the network. Using MPLS, VPN traffic is managed using distinct routing and forwarding rules that minimize congestion and packet delivery errors. In addition, the MPLS VPN is managed at the provider level, reducing customer hardware and management costs.

Broadview Networks

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