Before You Reach Out With VoIP, Know Your Customers Needs

VoIP is garnering a lot of press and gaining significant ground, but you need to have a good understanding of your customers specific needs and requirements before introducing Internet telephony options. That will be one of the themes of todays session, Reach Out: Deploying VoIP in Multilocation Accounts.

During this session, panelist Dale Stein, co-founder and director of strategic planning and business development at TAG National, will talk about the pitfalls of VoIP, what businesses are looking for relative to VoIP, whether businesses really have applications that are a match for VoIP, and what services to pitch these customers first.

You cant contemplate VoIP unless you do some market analysis, said Stein, who will provide statistics on VoIP and why its moving forward on what fronts.

Other speakers on this panel include Geoff Drayton, vice president of business development at DecisionOne, and Paul Nadjarian, senior vice president of marketing for OnForce.

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