American Telesis Aids Consultative Selling

Channel Partners Conference & Expo sponsor American Telesis (Booth 133), a facilities-based WAN provider in the United States and Canada, announced it is taking consultative selling to the next level.

Our agent program now focuses on a consultative approach to finding just the right solution for the agents customers, said Heather J. Selbert, vice president of operations for American Telesis, explaining that agents can work with American Telesis engineers to explore possible solutions for their clients. Unfortunately, people get caught up in the current buzzwords/solutions and then believe that has to be the best choice, she said. A majority of the time, there is another option that might be a better fit for the client requirements.

Selbert has been the driving force behind the companys development of educational tools to increase American Telesis agents understanding of and comfort level in developing WAN solutions. She also will be a speaker on tomorrows 9 a.m. panel, MPLS VPN Find Out What it Means to You and Your Customers.

She explained that taking the time to review the client environment and outline the advantages and disadvantages of the different options, i.e. MPLS, Internet VPN, private line, Ethernet private line and even frame relay, is crucial. This gives the agent the power to explain why they selected the solution they are proposing and answer their clients questions not only about their proposal but also other scenarios, she said. The customer will see the genuine interest the agent has in their business success and that translates to a partner/consultant too, not just a salesperson.

Monica J. Bauer, American Telesis executive vice president of operations, agrees. American Telesis believes consultative selling is the key factor in showing clients you are working with them, thereby winning their trust, respect and, ultimately, their business.

As one example of its efforts, American Telesis is working alongside agents during client visits. Together, we can present a solution designed specifically for the client environment thereby increasing the probability of winning the sale, Selbert said.

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