PPL Telcom Rolls Out Service Suite

PPL Telcom LLC launched its Customized Solutions, a new approach to providing scalable, flexible, cost-efficient connectivity to wireless carriers, network providers and enterprise customers. PPL Telcoms Customized Solutions combines integrated services and the services of a team of industry professionals.

The one-size-fits-all model of communications doesnt satisfy the complicated and intricate needs of todays telecommunications challenge, said David Kelley, president of PPL Telcom. PPL Telcoms Customized Solutions are integrated, scalable, flexible and cost-efficient applications, delivered by skilled and dedicated people a combination thats hard to beat.

PPL Telcoms Customized Solutions include:

Ethernet: With PPL Telcoms Ethernet solution, carriers and enterprises have the flexibility to scale bandwidth rapidly and interface with existing LAN protocols. Transporting data at speeds up to 1gbps, a secure optical network delivers both the ease of Ethernet and the benefits of SONET.

IP Services: PPL Telcoms Business Internet Access service provides Internet connectivity at speeds ranging to 1gbps over a fully redundant network. PPL Telcom also offers Shadow Port backup, domain name registration and mail-bagging store-and-forward services to ensure a true IP solution.

Private Line Services: PPL Telcoms network offers reliability and scalability when transporting missioncritical data, video and voice. Connect point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and through dedicated rings on PPL Telcoms network all supported by multiple protection options.

Wireless Infrastructure: PPL Telcom provides a portfolio of wireless site locations and options. Combining substantial existing infrastructure with the ability to develop new site locations, new construction, or creative options to complete networking needs in the growing wireless marketplace, PPL Telcom offers opportunities for any wireless site location need.

In addition, PPL Telcom can provide solutions to complete networking needs. PPL Telcom offers collocation services including controlled infrastructure for communications equipment, a solid front-locking cabinet, and a host of bandwidth and connectivity options as well as optical wavelength services, offering point-to-point, unprotected, bi-directional circuits that serve as an alternative to dark fiber and traditional high-bandwidth capacity services.

PPL Telcom LLC

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