telx Provides Linking Services for Powwow Virtual

telx is working with Powwow Virtual, a planned spinoff of the Human Productivity Lab, to create a solution to link disparate telepresence and visual collaboration networks in centralized peering locations within telx facilities nationwide.

The Human Productivity Lab is a consultancy that provides analysis and research.

Ultimately, the peering locations will support Powwows upcoming network of publicly available telepresence conferencing centers. Connecting Powwow Virtuals telepresence conferencing centers to telx will allow enterprise customers using telepresence solutions from Cisco Systems Inc., HP Halo, MedPresence, Polycom and Teliris, to extend their telepresence and video conferencing systems to connect to Powwows conferencing centers from a variety of telepresence and effective visual collaboration networks.

Currently, telepresence and video conferencing systems deployed by enterprises only can connect and with sometimes inconsistent quality if users on each end run like systems on their networks, or use telepresence/video conferencing systems on networks operated by the same managed service or network providers. Generally, if two enterprises want to hold a conference via telepresence but have systems from different vendors or have network connectivity with different carriers/managed service providers, they are unable to connect at all or experience sub-par quality from having to traverse disparate networks, telx said.

The goal of Powwow Virtuals publicly available telepresence conferencing centers is to offer solutions from all the major telepresence and video conferencing vendors, said Howard Lichtman, president of Human Productivity Lab. This will dramatically reduce the cost of connecting to multiple disparate networks, which is an unavoidable customer demand.

Rather than acquiring multiple T1 and DS3 circuits from every telepresence and effective visual collaboration network, Powwow Virtual will deploy one high-bandwidth connection into a local telx facility where the company can interconnect with the major telepresence and effective visual collaboration networks located there. This will ensure seamless connectivity and consistent high quality, said telx and the Human Productivity Lab.

Companies like HP with Halo and Cisco are going to be able to reach any enterprise at any time, and telepresence is going to become a viable, even preferable, option for collaborating with branch offices, vendors, customers, and joint venture partners around the world, said Hunter Newby, chief strategy office of telx.

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