Intelliverse Enhances VoIP Quality for SMBs

Intelliverse today announced improved quality and reliability for its hosted VoIP services with the implementation of a comprehensive media path optimization (MPO).

MPO enables Intelliverse to release calls back to the carrier allowing the Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) stream to flow directly from the originating caller to the called party without being pinned up through Intelliverses switches. This minimizes the path that the call must take over the Internet and through the carriers network, reducing the latency and thereby increasing the quality of the call.

Frank Paterno, vice president of marketing for the hosted VoIP vendor, said this in contrast to keeping both the RTP and the signaling overhead in its switches. By retaining only the signaling overhead, Intelliverse is able to follow through on functions initiated by the callers while eliminating the hairpin path for the voice call, reducing trip time and increasing quality.

You couldnt release the whole call or you would lose control, he explained, adding if you hold up the whole call, it can cause problems in situations where the bandwidth is tight or a customers DSL is far from the CO, further increasing trip time. It can make the difference between hearing breaks and jitter and not.

Paterno said the enhancement is the second and primary initiative in a three-phased plan aimed at fine-tuning the quality of Intelliverses Talking Planet Business service, which is available wholesale only, and its callEverywhere service, which is sold exclusively through agents.

In December, the company announced support for ITU T.38 standard for sending faxes across IP networks in real-time with the correction techniques that allow sensitive fax machines to hold a connection even during times of packet loss.

Paterno said the company will be announcing the final enhancements, which are centered around proactive network monitoring, early in second quarter.


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