TenXc Platform Increases Capacity

TenXc Wireless Inc. has released its DCS Bi-Sector Array, a spectral capacity enhancement platform in the 1800MHz band for GSM, EDGE and UMTS network growth.

The DCS Bi-Sector Array provides additional service capacity using existing cell site infrastructure, TenXc said. The DCS Bi-Sector Array offers a RF enhancement platform addressing spectral capacity and quality challenges found in high-traffic sites and markets with limited spectrum.

Bi-Sector Array’s asymmetric patterns and single dual-sector panel address performance, network design and implementation issues, TenXc said. The company said Bi-Sector Array can double capacity for voice and data services.

The product is being displayed at this weeks 3GSM World Congress 2007 in Barcelona, Spain.

TenXc Wireless Inc.

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