Tackling Convergence: Amdocs Delivers Amdocs 7

Billing giant Amdocs Ltd. has launched Amdocs 7, which addresses a key question at play in the IMS market: How will the back office keep up with the converged vision of offering any service, over any network, at any time and on any device? Revenue from convergent services may be expected to grow more than 20 percent over the next two years, but if the service provider cant bill for it or keep up with customer satisfaction requirements, the results can be catastrophic, resulting in mass churn and ever-receding ROI horizons.

To that end, Amdocs announced the new Amdocs 7 platform is purpose-designed to allow telcos, broadband cable and satellite providers to efficiently launch and bundle next-generation services, offer incentive pricing to customers, capture and fulfill complex orders, assure quality and accuracy, and focus on the customer experience.

A tall order, indeed. But the platform is capable of supporting traditional and next-generation video, voice and data services, regardless of the access method, device, payment method, or core network involved, the vendor said.

Convergence represents an enormous opportunity for service providers, said Michael Matthews, chief marketing officer of Amdocs. However, to offer these new services, including services developed and delivered by partners, providers must make sizable investments in technology infrastructure. They must also transform the way they do business. The new Amdocs 7 has built-in capabilities to reduce the risk associated with evolution of business support and operations support systems BSS and OSS. Combined with Amdocs comprehensive services and deep industry expertise, this makes Amdocs the natural choice for service providers navigating this complex transformation.

The new platform is the first fruit of the vendors high-profile grafting-on of the Qpass Inc., a digital commerce pioneer, and Cramer Systems, an inventory vendor behemoth. Amdocs 7 incorporates competencies from both, and the Amdocs Qpass Digital Commerce Solution and the Amdocs Cramer OSS suite can now combine with Amdocs 7 to make up the comprehensive Amdocs portfolio, a broad, all-in-one play that is the poster child for the overall trend in billing and OSS towards holistic solutions. Amdocs can address customer-facing BSS, such as billing, CRM, self-service, settlements and digital commerce management, and network-facing OSS, such as customer assurance, service fulfillment and inventory management.

Aspects of Amdocs 7 include:

Amdocs Foundation a set of open frameworks for unified information, operation, integration and application management across the suite, based on service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles and adhering to industry standards such as Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM) and Shared Information/Data Model (TMF/SID). Among its components, Amdocs Foundation includes a common offer catalog across Amdocs CRM, billing and ordering products, a Customer Information Hub to provide a single view of the customer and an Integration Framework to facilitate interoperability with third-party applications.

Amdocs Enterprise Product Catalog deployed as part of the Amdocs 7 suite or independently, it enables centralized product lifecycle management by employing role-specific user interfaces and by applying Master Data Management (MDM) principles to readily link all enterprise systems involved in the creation of service offerings.

Amdocs B/OSS Manager the core of the Amdocs integrated fulfillment and assurance platform, B/OSS Manager enables end-to-end visibility and process convergence across BSS and OSS. It offers a single platform to manage critical customer-centric processes such as ordering and fulfillment.

Customer Management Optimized for Convergence by creating connectors to third-party business intelligence and marketing automation platforms, Amdocs 7 delivers intelligence that providers can act upon, such as likelihood to churn or customer profitability across all interaction channels. In addition, by giving customers enhanced, multi-channel self-service capabilities, consumer and business customers can manage their own accounts, order new convergent services or content on demand, or request a credit via phone, Web and digital interactive TV.

Revenue Management for Any-Play Services a product for convergent real-time service mediation, billing and settlements for mobile and fixed telecom, and cable and satellite providers, including multi-affiliate and intercontinental providers. This includes support for any-play services, any charging method (pre-paid, post-paid and hybrid), any partner type (content, roaming and interconnect) and any customer type (residential, small business and enterprise).

Amdocs Ltd.

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