SpectraLink Introduces New Handsets

SpectraLink Corp., a provider of workplace wireless telephony, on Wednesday introduced its new NetLink 8000 Series wireless telephones.

Two models are available: the NetLink 8020 and the NetLink 8030, which supports integrated push-to-talk capabilities and has 24 PTT channels, as well as a priority channel for emergency broadcast applications.

The phones are the first commercially available enterprise-grade handsets to support the IEEE 802.11a, b and g radio standards, allowing businesses to choose the Wi-Fi implementation for application segmentation, interference mitigation and user density, the company said.

Some of the features of the NetLink 8000 series include support for SpectraLink’s open application interface, compatibility with enterprise-grade Wi-Fi networks and secure conversations using Wi-Fi protected access (WPA/WPA2).

The NetLink 8000 Series phones will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2007. The price of the NetLink 8020 is $595 and the NetLink 8030 is $675.

SpectraLink Corp.

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