Verizon Sends Invites to 2007 Solutions Partners

Agents were expected to begin receiving invitations to participate in the 2007 Verizon Solutions Partner Program as early as today. The offers, however, do not contain terms and conditions for representing Verizon Business accounts.

Jim Smith, a spokesperson for Verizon Communications Inc., said invitations were sent by mail this morning at 1 a.m., so agents should start receiving offers today and tomorrow.

The offer letters contain a process checklist for agents to follow if they want to sign on to the new terms as well as a grid listing respective compensation plans for products offered by Verizon Telecom, the unit of Verizon representing consumer, SOHO and small business services. Verizon Business serves legacy MCI and Verizon enterprise accounts. Terms and conditions for selling Verizon Business accounts were not included in the packet and will be forwarded in a few days, Smith said.

He said it is not yet clear whether the Nov. 22 due date for executed agreements will be pushed back because of the delay in providing this information. Terms of the 2007 VSPP do not apply to Verizon Business accounts. Verizon Business accounts, for example, do not count toward VSPP quotas and have different rules of engagement and compensation plans.

Smith said VSPP execs also do not expect the package to mollify former MCI Solutions Partners expressed concerns about evergreen payments. The Nov. 3 memorandum issued on the subject says the evergreen payments will be paid on accounts sold under former MCI agreements until they are renewed and fall under the new VSPP terms and conditions, which do not provide evergreen payments. Smith could not confirm if this is the final policy included in the offer letters sent this morning.

Shelley Murphy, vice president of marketing operations and alternate channels for Verizon Telecom, plans to hold a call with invited agents at the end of the week, Smith said.

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