Time Warner Telecom Starts Xspedius Channel Integration

Integration of Xspedius Communications LLCs channel partner program with that of Time Warner Telecoms is under way now that Time Warners acquisition of the CLEC is complete, although executives are not able to divulge many details.

Through the end of the year, operations will remain business as usual, said Graham Taylor, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Time Warner Telecom. Were going to support what they were doing out there at least till the end of year, he noted.

The $576 million deal closed much more quickly than company executives expected, so things are early on in transition and integration, explained Bob Meldrum, the companys spokesman.

Taylor said Time Warner Telecom is looking for best practices across both programs to decide which aspects to keep or discard. It also is eyeing changes in commission structures, although neither Meldrum nor Graham could expound on that. We have a practice of being competitive in the marketplace, Graham added.

Time Warner Telecom has three tiers to its channel program: referral, joint channel marketing and a standalone indirect channel operation. When the acquisition initially was announced, some Xspedius agents expressed doubts about Time Warner Telecoms commitment to agents. Time Warner Telecom heads, though, are trying to soothe those fears. There are opportunities for what Xspedius was doing and there are opportunities for what weve been doing, Meldrum said.

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