Verizon Reveals More Details of 2007 Program

The Verizon Solutions Partner Program is issuing a second Q&A document to partners that answers more outstanding issues concerning its revamped 2007 program. The document, a follow up to a previous memo issued in August, is expected to be in partners hands by Monday, a spokesperson for the company said.

The new Q&A does not address the compensation plan, however. Comp plan details will be presented to agents selected to be part of the program on Nov. 15, prior to execution of agreements. Executed agreements are due Nov. 22.

“Engineering a new partner program has been complex, as we have tried to balance the interests of all parties and end up with a program that works for the business and for the partners and agents, said Shelley Murphy, vice president of marketing operations and alternate channels for Verizon Telecom, in a prepared statement provided to PHONE+. We’ve tried to be as communicative and accommodating as possible throughout the process, and we hope the agents can embrace and work within the program as it is emerging. We look forward to finalization of the plan and the compensation elements within the next couple of weeks.”

Applicants to the program who are not invited to participate will be notified by letter. Those not selected are eligible to become a subagent of a selected agent and can apply directly with a master agent.

Only participants in the 2007 program will be able to submit orders, renew contracts or request service changes to accounts in their base. Renewals will be done under the new agreements, which do not include evergreen residuals. Account changes will be made under terms of legacy agreements.

There was no mention of the controversial renewal policy in the Q&A, so it is not clear if the company is reconsidering its proposal, which offered lower compensation on renewals than new orders.

The document does address changes to the terms of working with Verizon Business, which includes the former MCI enterprise business. Verizon Business accounts billing more than $10,000 per month will require branch approval for non-teamed sales. Verizon Business teaming is allowed on accounts greater than $50,000 per month in Verizon sold revenue value. Additional revisions to the rules of engagement are being developed and are expected to be communicated to the 2007 agents.

There are no protected accounts in the Verizon Telecom segment, which includes residential, SOHO and SMB. Additionally, teaming is not allowed in this segment.

Account segmentation will be communicated to agents via the OneSource Web-based portal.

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