GT3 Buys New Global Telecom Division

New Global Telecom (NGT) said Monday it has agreed to sell its General Telecom division to GT3 Holdings LLC.

General Telecom will become part of GT3 and operate as a standalone entity, unaffiliated with NGT. GT3 will own and operate the General Telecom suite of telecom switch partitioning services. The deal is effective immediately.

NGT is focusing our resources on developing channels and stimulating growth to support our wholesale hosted and trunking VoIP services, said Mike Donnell, president and CEO of NGT. This move enables us to expedite our NGT initiatives.

GT3 CTO Kevin Alward said other than the direct ownership change, everything else will remain the same at General Telecom.

General Telecom customers will continue to be provided with the services and generally the same experienced customer support teams they already know, said Alward. Furthermore, General Telecom will benefit from a focus on its network management services, including IPartition and VoIP Direct.

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