COMPTEL Elects Board Members

At the COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2006 Convention & EXPO in Orlando, Fla., 14 members of the association were elected to the 2006-2007 board of directors. J. Sherman Henderson III, president and CEO of Lightyear Network Solutions LLC will remain chairman of COMPTEL.

I am delighted that Sherm has been re-elected as chairman of COMPTEL, said Earl Comstock, COMPTEL’s president and CEO. His outreach efforts on behalf of COMPTEL members are invaluable and I look forward to continuing to work with him.

Large member representatives (companies with annual revenue of more than $300 million) include: Scott Widham, president of corporate development at Broadwing Communications LLC; Norman Rosenberg, CFO at IDT Corp.; Jerry Watts, vice president of government and industry affairs at ITC^DeltaCom; James Akerhielm, CEO at NuVox Communications; and Mae Squier-Dow, president of network services at One Communications..

Medium member representatives (companies with annual revenue of $25 million – $300 million) include: Russ Merbeth, federal counsel for Eschelon Telecom Inc.,; David Eckmann, director of contracts and regulatory affairs at FPL FiberNet LLC; Gavin McCarty, chief legal officer at Globalcom Inc.; John Sumpter, vice president of regulatory at Pac-West Telecomm Inc.; and Jim Butman, president of sales, marketing and customer operations at TDS Telecom.

Small member representatives (companies with annual revenue of less than $25 million) include: Bettina Cardona, CEO of Fones4All Inc.; Ron Contrado, president and CEO of Homisco/VoiceNet; David Malfara, president and CEO of Remi Communications; and Ron Harden, executive vice presiden of Vox Communications Corp.


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