Exclusive: KeaneTel Launches Rainmaker Agent in a Box ASP Program

Today, executives at master agency KeaneTel are holding a conference call with sales partners to announce the companys new Rainmaker agent in a box program, which combines a hosted back-office system plus access to carrier agreements for a monthly subscription fee.

Pete Keane, president of KeaneTel, said Rainmaker eliminates the requirement for the back-office investment for agents and master agents and offers them a single portal for proposals generation, order management, commission tracking and other functions.

Its a program built on sophisticated management tools that allows sole proprietors or master agents or solutions providers to run a telecom business for less than the cost of lunch per day, he said, noting partners can get on board for about $6 per day.

The program includes three options, including Rainmaker Agent at $99 per month, Rainmaker Telecom Master Agent at $199 per month and Rainmaker Solution Provider at $600 per month.

All programs also allow agents to use their own carrier agreements or to access to KeaneTels carrier agreements, which Keane said, offer top-tier commissions in most cases based on KeaneTels substantial volumes. Many carriers already or soon will be integrated via APIs into the pricing system so all quotes can be generated instantly. Agents with direct agreements with additional carriers can add that information to quotes.

The difference between the Agent and TMA programs is that TMA allows for the addition of the agents logo and support for up to 10,000 subagents. In addition, Rainmaker agents keep 80 percent of the commissions while TMAs keep 100 percent.

The SP version includes a more comprehensive list of carrier agreements as well as a lead-generation program, offering participants access to databases of end users and their carriers and contract renewal dates among other information. Solutions providers also get other training and support perks, Keane said.

Participants can migrate from one plan option to another as their business grows.

Keane said Rainmaker will replace the companys existing sales partner program, which was launched three years ago and delivered agents 100 percent commissions for a turnkey solution based on a setup and monthly recurring fee. The program had a five-carrier plan for $1,000 setup and $600 per month; a six-carrier plan for $1,000 setup and $700 per month and an all-carrier plan for $1,000 setup and $1,200 per month. The new program eliminates the setup fee and reduces the monthly charge. All current partners will be migrated when their plans expire or earlier on an individual case basis to reflect the new fee structure, Keane said.

Keane said one impetus for the change in the program was staying ahead of competitors beginning to emulate the franchise formula KeaneTel introduced three years ago.

The back-office tools are based on MasterStream and are customized for the Rainmaker program. While [online tools] have utility, they can get them a variety of places, said Keane. We wanted to do it better, faster, cheaper.

Keane said Rainmaker solves two problems for the channel. One, it helps them run their day-to-day businesses while increasing the number of quotes proposed and their close ratios. Two, it disintermediates the channel managers that want their products to be the only ones sold by freeing agents from having to sell to quota instead of what customers need.


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