UDP Adds Customers to Roster

UDP (Booth 619) has finalized billing service agreements with a number of communication companies: Valley Telephone Cooperative, an ILEC in Ramondville, Texas; ATX Communications, a provider of voice, data and network security services; OneEighty Networks, a provider of broadband Internet, private line and hosting services out of Montana; and Tel West Network Services, a facilities-based Internet, data and voice communications provider.

UDP specializes in end-user billing, access billing and message processing for communications companies throughout the United States.

COMET, UDPs end-user platform, will allow us to manage more than two companies — it will enable us to bill video services, which are much more complex and demanding than basic telephone billing, and it will give us ad-hoc reports at the user level, instead of having our IT people create and run reports, said Valley Telephone Cooperatives general manager, Dave Osborn.

Joel Daniels, UDPs vice president and CIO, said the new customers all sought the same features. [T]hese customers wanted powerful, full-bodied systems that have qualified experts standing behind them, he said. The platforms are only as good as the people who run them.

Osborn said Valley Telephone Cooperative liked COMET because its browser-based, secure, and it can be configured to accommodate its business partners who will also be entering orders into the system. With COMET, this can be done without jeopardizing access to privileged data in other parts of the system. It makes sense.

ATX Communications
OneEighty Networks
Tel West Network Services
Valley Telephone Cooperative Inc.

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