Thermo Credit Rolls Out Contract Financing, Funds CentricVoice

Thermo Credit LLC (Booth 1006) is funding VoIP services provider CentricVoice Inc. with up to $1 million in receivables financing. And for the first time, Thermo Credit also is delving into contract financing. It is laying out an initial $500,000 in contract financing for CentricVoice.

We always look for A+ companies to work with whenever we roll out a new service offering, said Seth Block, executive vice president of external operations for Thermo Credit. With its quality product and outstanding management team, CentricVoice fits that bill.

The $1 million replaces a credit facility CentricVoice had with Silicon Valley Bank.

Thermo Credit is unique in its understanding of the telecom space, particularly in our specialization of business-class VoIP on a managed network, said Porter Farrell, CentricVoices co-founder and executive vice president. Their funding structures mesh ideally with our rapid growth, so the fit is perfect.

CentricVoice Inc.

Thermo Credit LLC

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