RAD Unveils latest LA-110

RAD Data Communications has unveiled the latest version of its LA-110 integrated access device (IAD). The new version supports four SHDSL pairs bonded by inverse multiplexing. The combination of DSL technology and inverse multiplexing capability positions the LA-110 IAD as an ideal solution for medium businesses.

Medium-sized enterprises often fall into a bandwidth lurch, said Itai Mendelsohn, IAD product line manager at RAD Data Communications. On the one hand, their demands tend to exceed the speeds available to home consumers using ADSL, which, in any event, is an asynchronous service that is unsuited for businesses generating significant amounts of upstream traffic.

On the other hand, the bandwidth they do require falls short of that offered by broadband services, which are designed primarily for large enterprises. By deploying the LA-110, DSL service providers will be able to market hard-to-get synchronous DSL speeds, like 10mbps, for this underserved DSL market segment.

The LA-110 IAD is also ideal for connecting isolated branch offices, which typically require symmetrical links in transmitting traffic upstream to their corporate headquarters.

The LA-110 IAD provides voice, data and Ethernet services over both ATM and packet-switched networks. The version 3.17 also features VLAN stacking, which allows the service provider to assign different service VLANs to different customers traffic, thereby guaranteeing separation between each customers traffic within the service provider network.


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