Profitec Announces New Support for Integrated VoIP/Telephony Resellers

Profitec Billing Services (Booth 906) now offers a host of billing and support service enhancements specifically designed to meet the growing needs of resellers of integrated IP and telephony portfolio products.

Communications marketers selling from multiple product arenas face a number of interesting challenges, said Randy Minervino, Profitecs vice president of sales and marketing. In addition to the normal telephony activation processes, which are batch or slow-transactional in nature, IP-based services usually require a more sophisticated approach. For example, a provider may require a real-time activation process directly into the switching equipment, which can then send back programming instructions for the IP phones or ATA devices. We have expanded the capabilities of both our master OSS and the associated Web-based e-commerce platforms that handle the initial orders.

Profitecs, and the rest of the OmniSuite components, all have been enhanced to accommodate the billing, workflow and other OSS requirements for more than two dozen voice, data and IP-based services with individualized rating, taxation and service charge capabilities. Centralized reporting and account-level management are designed to make a complex convergence task a manageable administrative capability. Some of the traditional billing services also have been redesigned to accommodate the current environment such as advance or arrears billing for equipment leasing and other important revenue items. In addition, through the provision of .Net-developed Web applications, activation workflows and installation site-enabled system access allows the updating of work tickets and access to important information such as site survey results and other critical technical data which can reduce turn-up timeframes and implementation expenses.

Profitecs back-office division also has expanded to provide services including activations, site survey management, end-user bandwidth orders, third-party requests, fulfillment and other critical support services.

While our new billing sales remain strong, our menu of outsourced offerings grows in direct relationship to the customers we are fortunate enough to land, said Matthew Sosnowski, Profitecs customer service manager. During the implementation process, we often find a specific set of needs required to support our clients business plan which cannot be properly handled internally, at least at certain stages of our clients business cycle. That is where we can really provide value over and above the billing and support systems.

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