Nextlink Offers Turnkey, Self-Serve Wireless Resale Options

Nextlink Wireless Inc. (Booth 1102), one of the nation’s largest wireless spectrum holders, launched a new reseller program for their customers’ “middle mile” and “last mile” network connectivity requirements.

The launch of this program follows the recent announcement that its sister company, XO Communications Inc., has initiated sales of Nextlink’s offerings in nine major markets across the United States.

Now, the company has opened up the opportunity to other providers, enabling them to sell DS3 and OC3 broadband wireless access as well as metro Ethernet at speeds up to 100mbps.

Nextlink will offer two options to resellers. The first is a turnkey plan, wherein the reseller partner focuses on marketing, sales and customer site acquisition while Nextlink takes care of everything else required to enable a customer to become operational, including site setup (encompassing line-of-site and structural analyses, zoning and permitting, and civil work); hardware and installation; system test and acceptance; and ongoing monitoring, repair and maintenance.

A second option is the Self-Serve Plan, wherein Nextlink manages equipment sourcing, spectrum coordination and engineering, while the reseller partner is responsible for all other sales, installation and service-related activities.

“Nextlink’s reseller program makes it simple for partners to immediately begin offering broadband wireless service as a high-quality, economical and easy-to-deploy local access alternative,” said Nextlink CEO Bob Beran. “Carriers of all types, as well as cable companies, ISPs and power companies, can extend their network and market reach using Nextlink broadband wireless services, eliminating the high cost and slow installation times typical of fiber optic deployments.”

Nextlink Wireless Inc.

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