C-CAMS Opens New Office in Costa Rica

C-CAMS Inc. (Booth 1004) has opened a new office in Costa Rica, which the company said is the first of several moves to establish international offices that will broaden its range of insourcing and outsourcing back-office support to the telecommunications industry.

C-CAMS has been assessing various international office, joint venture and outsourcing opportunities to expand into new markets, improve service and augment design capabilities.

“Given the nature of our products, Costa Rica provides us with a host of unique expansion and support advantages,” said Rod Wilson, president of the Irvine, Calif.-based C-CAMS. “We are also focusing [on] a division of service offerings for emerging and mid-sized telecommunications companies through our CCAM’S ASP/MSP offering.”

The company’s CCAMS product is a telecommunications billing, control and management software system for a range of applications including customer care, account maintenance, service order processing, provisioning, client field service, workflow management, rating, commissioning, billing, point of sale and accounts receivable.

The platform can be integrated across LANs and WANs. It supports ILECs and CLECs by handling all aspects of PSTN, VoIP, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, CDPD, GPRS, SMS, HSCSD, NENA 2, CDR, IPDR and DDR rating, taxation interface, and LNP conversions.

CCAMS originates all customer, account, service and workflow activity in billing — so every billable event is captured and reported as soon as a customer’s services are provisioned. The application’s automatic operation and reporting capabilities allow users to verify revenue flow from network activity to the customer’s final invoice with nearly 100 percent accuracy.

The browser-based GUI standardizes all processes and transactions, so users can view and execute telephone, cellular, data and Internet services similarly, without having to be trained in different programs for each media.

“Besides providing regional, stateside and international design and service support, Costa Rica will provide us with a largely untapped market for our products — plus numerous other new joint venture opportunities,” said Wilson.


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