BandTel, Pingtel, Ingate Offer VoIP Solution to Deploy SIP Trunks

BandTel LLC on Tuesday announced it has teamed with Pingtel Corp. and Ingate Systems to develop a bundled, plug-and-play, pre-configured platform designed to deliver seamless installation of SIP trunks.

The combination includes BandTel’s Virtual Central Office (VCO) SIP-based trunking for domestic and international calling service and Pingtel’s SIPxchange ECS 250 SIP-based IP PBX. The bundle also includes the Ingate SIParator 45, a device that connects to an existing network firewall to enable SIP communications, with 25 SIP transversal licenses for 25 concurrent calls and the Ingate Remote SIP Connectivity software module.

“As IP Telephony gains momentum in the enterprise market, it is essential for solutions providers to be able to offer a solution that removes the complexities of VoIP deployment, such as security, reliability and interoperability especially in legacy environments, said Bryan Renner, director of business development at BandTel. “By combining our fail-safe SIP-trunking architecture with Pingtel’s robust open source PBX solution and Ingate’s NAT traversal and remote connectivity solution, we are providing a best-of-breed, turnkey solution at a very low price and total-cost-of-ownership, but with a very fast return on investment.

BandTel’s VCO includes its N-Plus architecture and is designed to solve the throughput and redundancy problems on high-capacity SIP-based networks.

The Ingate SIParator solves common NAT traversal issues with SIP communications and handles the routing of SIP signaling and media streams to and from the private IP addresses of authorized users on the LAN. As with all Ingate SIParators and Ingate firewall products, the SIParator boasts a SIP registrar and full SIP proxy, support for NAT, PAT and TLS support for encrypted SIP signaling. The Ingate SIP Trunking module may be added to any of Ingate’s products to provide the tools necessary to connect the SIP-trunking provider with the IP-PBX. The SIParator also supports SRTP, which provides a high level of security for VoIP applications. The Ingate Remote SIP Connectivity software module is a far-end NAT traversal solution that enables users to leverage the benefits of SIP-based communications already integrated into the company’s network.

Pingtel’s SIPxchange ECS (Enterprise Communications Server) the PBX for Linux does not require special hardware. It is based wholly on the SIP standard and is fully interoperable with SIP phones, gateways and trunking services. The SIPxchange ECS offers complete plug-and-play device management, optional fully redundant configuration, and includes integrated voice mail, ACD, multiple auto attendants and a Web-based system configuration and management tool. It operates on Red Hat Linux servers, and with any SIP-based PSTN/IP gateways and endpoints. Pingtel’s SIPxchange ECS solutions seamlessly integrate with legacy TDM and IP networks and meet requirements for TDM PBX replacement.

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