Vonage Extends TPV Contract With 3PV Through 2009

Vonage Network Inc., a subsidiary of Vonage Holdings Corp. and a leading provider of broadband telephone services with more than 2 million subscriber lines, has extended its contract with 3PV Third Party Verification Inc. (Booth 206) as its exclusive provider of thirdparty verification services through 2009.

3PV provides speech-enabled, live-agent and online TPV and callrecording services for the cable and telephony industries, including both circuit switch and VoIP customers.

3PVs patent-pending eLOA process enhances Vonages local number portability process, enabling Vonage customers to expedite paperwork required to port their numbers from their existing carriers.

Using eLOA, Vonage customers can complete a binding letter of agency online, during the order process or via e-mail from a customer care agent. eLOA allows for shorter provisioning time and less expensive transaction costs due to the elimination of document handling fees, the companies said in a press statement.

Vonage initially selected 3PV as we recognized its track record and reputation as technology innovators and regulatory experts. In our 18 months working with them, theyve lived up to that reputation, said Michael Tribolet, president of Vonage America Inc. By leveraging proprietary technology, 3PV has improved our customer experience and increased our completion rates for verifications. Expanding our relationship is a win-win for Vonage.

We are delighted that well be Vonages verification partner for another three years, said 3PVs CEO David Brinkman. We enjoy working with a company that is as innovative as Vonage. They challenge us to push the envelope and to use our insight, imagination and innovation to solve complex business challenges. Thats always been a hallmark of our company and a core part of what we do. Having a business partner who draws on that strength is very rewarding.

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