Tekelec Gear Powers Nevada Telephones Enhanced VoIP Services

Las Vegas CLEC Nevada Telephone is using Tekelecs (Booth 501) entire switching portfolio to offer new, high-demand VoIP services and add thousands of subscribers to its customer base.

Tekelecs next-generation switching solutions have enabled us to launch and expand our portfolio of VoIP services to support our growing subscriber base, generate significant revenues, and realize a significant return on investment, said Bob Jankovics, CEO of Nevada Telephone.

Nevada Telephone originally operated as a UNE-P carrier and was paying an ILEC a high rate for minutes of use as well as additional fees. With the help of Tekelecs switching solutions, the operator has transformed itself into a facilities-based carrier, eliminating UNE-P fees and launching VoIP-based services in new markets.

Most recently, Nevada Telephone replaced its existing switch with the Tekelec 9000 to support the rapid growth of its subscriber base from 115 customers to more than 24,000.

The carrier also has deployed the Tekelec 6000 to introduce new features for enhanced VoIP services, such as unified messaging, softphone, user-scheduled and on-demand conferencing, find-me and Web portal capabilities that support visual voice mail, click-todial, and integration of directories and calendars with telephony features.

These solutions enhance the operators existing Tekelec 7000 Class 5 Packet Switches, which were deployed beginning in 2004 to enable Nevada Telephones initial launch of VoIP services. The Tekelec 7000 integrates with either IP or TDM interfaces, enabling a smooth network migration to VoIP and reduced operational costs for operators of all types.

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