SunRocket Joins Voice Peering Fabric

Internet telephony service provider SunRocket is among the latest to join Stealth Communications Inc.s (Booth 101) Voice Peering Fabric. The VPF allows SunRocket and others to exchange voice traffic directly with fellow VoIP providers instead of accruing costly per-minute charges associated with routing customer calls through the PSTN. VPF also offers an ENUM registry to determine which calls can route directly to other VPF members.

We are ecstatic to have one of the nations fastest-growing residential Internet phone service providers on board to provide valuable muscle and momentum to the Voice Peering Fabric, said Shrihari Pandit, president and CEO of Stealth Communications. As SunRocket scales its subscriber base, peering VoIP traffic with other providers without routing through the traditional phone networks will deliver significant benefits to the company by reducing time-to-revenue and enhancing QoS for their customers.

Increased participation in VoIP peering by Internet phone service providers will facilitate tremendous efficiency gains and enhance quality of service for customers communicating via Internet telephony, said Mark Fedor, SunRockets CTO. As a VPF participant, we look forward to spearheading efforts to develop an open, innovative peering model that offers a viable alternative to the closed, outdated legacy PSTN cost-per-minute peering approach.

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