InTELEbills Online Payment Module Simplifies Prepaid Model

The latest version of Sandy Beaches Softwares (Booth 721) customer care and billing software, InTELEbill, includes a real-time retail-type payment module.

The new feature is well-suited for the prepaid dial-tone provider [with] multiple agents and therefore several payment locations, explained SBS software developer Choo Khor. Our prepaid clients want to save time by having agents process payments directly into the system. They also want to limit the amount of access agents have to the software to avoid data entry mistakes.

The Web-based interface allows the payment centers to view basic customer information and post accounting transactions directly into InTELEbill. Commissions also can be paid based on the point-of-sale location. Reports are generated to verify the accounting transactions and to help spot-check for errors.

This module is a precursor to the new agent portal we are rolling out at the end of the year, said Sandy Beaches President Jeff Lytle. Some of our customers had an immediate need for this Web-based product, and we completed it for them, rather than forcing them to wait until the new Web portal product is ready. Our programming staff strives to be flexible enough in its development to be able to meet customer needs quickly. If it is important to them, it is important to us.





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