ECI Hits the ROADM

ECI Telecom (Booth 1308) announced the XDM ROADM platform for dynamic optical networking.

The XDM is for building agile, scalable and futureproof networks based on ECIs 10-degree wavelength selectable switch (WSS) ROADM and lambda management suite. Multidegree networking enables on-the-fly topology changes and subtended WDM rings from a single node, the company said.

The WSS connects any one or group of wavelengths to any of its colorless ports. Coupled with widely tunable lasers for both 2.5GB and 10GB wavelengths, carriers can provision and reconfigure WDM channels without a site visit. Enhanced, fully automatic power balancing and a new online network connectivity tool minimize labor-intensive efforts required to set up, expand and reconfigure the network, thereby reducing opex and ensuring high reliability.

XDM also supports a low-cost pluggable ROADM that is economically comparable to fixed filter OADMs. The pluggable ROADM allows all sites to be installed as potential ROADM nodes capable of dropping traffic in the future. In line with its Build-As-You-Grow strategy, ECI promotes a hybrid ROADM deployment to lower day-one infrastructure costs.

Along with its new wavelength switching, ECI offers a ROADM-optimized amplifier that provides more power and more redundancy. The total ROADM solution enables service providers to deploy new revenue-generating services quicker, easier and without re-engineering the network, ECI said. XDM integrates other key next-generation functions including course and dense WDM interworking, Ethernet switching and SONET/SDH circuit grooming.

ECI Telecom Ltd.

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