DCA Positions for Service Innovation

Veteran billing and back-office solutions provider DCA Services Inc. (Booth 401) has positioned itself as an enabler for service providers that continue to search for new opportunities to add billable products and services, acquire customers, improve operational efficiencies, remain competitive and grow with the changing market.

More and more, service providers are dealing with disparate billing systems, from landline and mobile telephony, to broadband and TV, said DCA Services President and CEO Joe Webb. Systems convergence becomes paramount to providing flexibility in supporting service bundles and unique rate plans, bringing new services to market quickly, and enhancing operational efficiency.

DCA Services offers convergent billing and business support systems to longdistance resellers, facilities-based carriers, CLECs, ILECs, wireless carriers, MVNOs, ISPs and VoIP providers.

To stay competitive, a service providers systems must be able to quickly respond to new marketing strategies as they add new services to their triple- and quadruple-play bundles, Webb said.

DCAs billing technology includes a fast processing engine and a checks-and-balances system that ensures speed and accuracy in high volumes. The system is capable of performing real-time online rating and billing of all transactions, and seamlessly interfaces with the external carrier networks supporting SS7 and VoIP protocols.

For wireline carriers, DCA Services also offers intelligent routing and call validation. The intelligent routing application consists of call processing functionalities that allow a service provider to increase call completion rates and automatically select the optimal route for each call. Using this system, carriers can create services considering cost, margin, quality of service, call duration and contractual intercarrier agreement variables to ensure that the most effective route always is selected.

DCA Services turnkey solution also includes subscriber acquisition, provisioning, customer care, financial management, and print and mail.

DCA Services Inc.

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