BeQuick Software Awarded OSS Patent

BeQuick Software Inc. (Booth 306) announced it has been awarded a patent for an innovative provisioning component of BeQuick Softwares marquis hosted OSS product called QuickTel. The patent, filed in 2003 by the inventors and company co-owners, Steve McIntosh and Sean Biganski, describes unique online ordering and provisioning tools for users and agents of CLECs. The international patent is pending.

BeQuicks QuickTel system offers the ability for third-party agents to submit their own orders, without any assistance from the CLEC. The system eliminates the guesswork regarding which ILEC and/or plans are available and makes a determination of these based on the customers physical location. Once the agent has selected a plan, the population of ILEC USOCs and other provisioning codes required for the order happens behind the scenes and is transparent to the user.

Of special interest to prepaid CLECs, the patented process also provides the ability to automate all record keeping of money owed, collections and commissions earned by agents. The system performs automatic invoicing of agents based on payments made by customer to agents, as well as automatic commissioning of agents based on payments posted by agent on behalf of customer.

BeQuick Software provides its services under an ASP model to Tier 3 CLECs. BeQuick owns and manages all the necessary infrastructure required to deliver real-time order entry, provisioning, billing and care operations systems.

BeQuick Software Inc.

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