ASC Announces Customer Deployment of Carrier Management Solution

Advanced Software Concepts Inc. (ASC, Booth 321) announced that its ASC Carrier Management Solution has been deployed successfully by a major North American telecom service provider. The carriers identity was not disclosed, but ASC and the ILEC are arranging one-onone meetings at the COMPTEL PLUS event to discuss the deployment with carriers. Interested parties should inquire at the ASC booth.

The ASC Carrier Management Solution tightly couples carrier agreement management with the automation of the carrier RFQ process and order tracking while providing a tool to facilitate off-net circuit auditing and validation.

ASCs Carrier Management offering is a Web-based solution that is tailored to each carriers environment and processes. With the ASC Contracts engine at its core, the ASC Carrier Management Solution automates the buying, selling, pricing, quoting, ordering and auditing activities between carriers.

ASC understands that the single biggest purchases and sales made by telecommunications organizations are with other carriers. It is critical to their overall financial success that they effectively manage these carrier relationships, said Shawn L. King, president and CEO of ASC.

ASC Carrier Management Solution manages the selling and buying of network services while facilitating the billing- and invoice-validation processes also known as revenue-assurance and cost-management functions. It offers a centralized repository for carrier buy, sell and reciprocal agreements along with all subsequent carrier quote requests and responses. Agreement creation and storage occurs through a single process.

Armed with a complete picture of its suppliers, carriers can better negotiate terms and conditions, isolate unneeded facilities, and identify supplier invoice problems with the end result being improved control over off-net carrier costs, according to ASC.

Advanced Software Concepts

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