TI Collaborates with Legerity, Brix Networks on VoIP Quality, Monitoring

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) announced separate agreements with Legerity Inc. and Brix Networks to improve VoIP service quality and monitoring.

As part of its agreement with Legerity, TI has integrated Legeritys VeriVoice Test Suite, a subscriber-line test software package for VoIP equipment, into TIs PIQUA IP quality management system.

The agreement with Brix Networks involves a development initiative to deliver IP endpoint service assurance management through the addition of a new BrixWorx Connector for TIs PIQUA software.

TIs PIQUA software is designed to monitor and improve the quality of IP-based services, including voice, data, video and Internet-based music services. It enables the discovery, monitoring and repair of services, devices and networks, allowing operators to proactively manage factors like echo, dropped-packets and line-delay.

The Legerity VeriVoice Test Suite is designed to provide automated troubleshooting of the telephone wiring and equipment attached to VoIP gateways in the home and office. The automated, remote testing capability of the Legerity VeriVoice Test Suite eliminates the need for truck rolls, which minimizes maintenance costs and decreases the mean time to repairs.

In addition to a comprehensive set of active tests and live service monitoring, Brix Networks BrixWorx central-site correlation and reporting engine collects KPI information, such as availability, bandwidth, packet loss, latency, jitter and call quality, using various standards-based communication protocols via the new BrixWorx Connector for TI s PIQUA software. This information can be gathered from a wide range of endpoint devices, including residential gateways, IP set-top boxes, IP phones, DSL and cable gateways, and others.

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