iBasis Announces Multi-Codec Support, Deal With SunRocket

iBasis announced at the VON show its DirectVoIP Transcoding, which offers real-time media translation capabilities that enable service providers to use a variety of specialized codecs to send voice calls over iBasis global VoIP network without loss of quality or the cost of converting the call formats.

In separate news, iBasis announced Internet phone service provider SunRocket Inc. has interconnected to iBasis global VoIP network to connect international calls.

One of the challenges and obstacles to growth in VoIP is integration issues with codecs, said Chris Ward, senior director of marketing for iBasis, in an advance interview about DirectVoIP. Consumer VoIP providers are limited to networks using the same codecs. The problem is solved with transcoding. They can send us traffic almost regardless of codec they are using.

In recent years, a variety of codecs (compression/decompression algorithms) have been developed to maximize fidelity (voice quality), bandwidth efficiency, or a combination of both. However, most VoIP networks support only one or two standardized codecs, most typically those developed by the ITU, such as G.729, G.711, and G.723.

In contrast, the DirectVoIP Transcoding solution supports a full range of codecs, including several variants of G.711, G.723, G.726, and G.729, plus GSM-FR, Speex and iLBC.

DirectVoIP is available to iBasis customers at no additional charge. Its an enhanced capability that is available to any customer that connects to iBasis, Ward added.

The consumer VoIP market represents approximately 10 percent of iBasis wholesale revenue, and is the fastest growing segment in the companys business. Ward said the transcoding capability is expected to accelerate that growth. Indeed, DirectVoIP was integral to winning SunRockets business, he said. SunRocket is the latest residential VoIP provider to interconnect with iBasis, joining the more than 40 consumer VoIP companies, including Skype and Yahoo!

iBasis carried approximately 8 billion minutes of international VoIP traffic in 2005. In June, iBasis announced an agreement to merge the international voice business of Dutch national carrier Royal KPN into iBasis. As a result of the transaction, iBasis will have a combined annual run rate of more than 20 billion minutes of international traffic.

SunRocket Inc.

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