Qwest Expands Wholesale Agent Program to National Scope

Qwest Communications International Inc. recently announced it is expanding its wholesale agent program, allowing Qwest-certified wholesale agents to sell its portfolio of services throughout the United States and internationally.

Previously, agents were limited to specific products and services in 36 U.S. states and internationally. By expanding the program, wholesale agents now can sell Qwest solutions in 14 additional states.

“The expanded program is going to create more opportunities and provide customers with a full set of products and services,” said Michael Leigh of Hale Communications, a Qwest-certified wholesale agent.

The Qwest wholesale agent program was launched in 2004 to uncover “new-to-Qwest” business opportunities with customers via companies qualified and certified to represent Qwest’s wholesale products and services to other qualified telecom carriers, resellers and service providers.

In addition to the Qwest wholesale agent program, Qwest Business Partner Program enables agents to provide their retail business customers with high-quality voice, data and IP services.

Qwest communications International Inc.

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