TMC Announces Sub-Penny Flat Rate on Voice T1s, Value-Adds for Agents

TMC Communications (Booth 707) has announced new lower voice T1 rates on three of its underlying carrier networks, providing TMC agents with a sub-penny flat rate to sell and commissions up to 35 percent and commissions on loops up to 20 percent.

TMC has renegotiated contracts with Broadwing Communications (Booths 212-214) and Qwest Communications International Inc. (Booths 711-713), and has added PAETEC Communications Inc. (Booth 101) to its list of underlying carriers.

New rates include .99 cents on dedicated interstate outbound traffic that pays agents 5 percent commission and 1.09 cents that pays 10 percent. Available on the Broadwing network, these rates are on T1 circuits billing a minimum of $1,000 per month and only for new customer orders submitted by Nov. 23, 2006. New lower rates with no minimums also are available.

Agents can sell an inbound/outbound rate of 1.29 cents on the Qwest network with no minimums or commitments and earn 5 percent commission.

To celebrate the addition of PAETEC as a new underlying carrier, TMC is paying agents an extra 5 percent commission on dedicated interstate outbound traffic through Nov. 23, 2006.

TMC also announced value-added solutions for its agents to help them win large enterprise accounts. The five value-added solutions that include a free analysis of a customers

CDR; Rate Tracker, a custom tool that allows customers to view their monthly calling patterns; a business-continuity strategy; the ability for customers to be their own RespOrgs; and premier service.

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