OMNI Solutions Introduces Digital Nervous System

OMNI Solutions (Booth 404) has introduced its all-in-one network service, The Digital Nervous System. This system fully integrates all of a businesss circuits with broadband, wireless and satellite to all enterprise microprocessors, including anything from a BlackBerry or a wireless device to a cash register or a mainframe computer.

OMNI Solutions consultants and product managers can assist agents in designing and implementing a Digital Nervous System for any customer a solution that will link a partners IT and business goals and satisfy new federal regulations.

OMNI Solutions has a nationwide network of wired and wireless auditors in place to monitor communications bills to ensure their correctness and suggest improvements. In addition, OMNI Solutions can put all communication services on one bill with automatic entry into general ledger accounts.

The OMNI Solutions Digital Nervous System now is available through the channel.

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