TMone Launches Broadband Marketing Database

Telesales and database marketing firm has announced licensing availability of its proprietary broadband marketing database. The database will be available for direct mail marketing use, and the companys telesales division will maintain exclusivity regarding the use of the database’s telephone numbers.

TMone, which has acquired new subscribers for companies such as Packet8 and Cordia, will continue to execute telesales on behalf of companies wishing to use the database.

The database consists of high-speed Internet consumers that have purchased broadband access such as cable, DSL or FTTH from companies like AT&T Inc., BellSouth Corp. and others. It is equipped with demographic and lifestyle information, which is overlaid with traditional files to enable multiple selection options. The broadband file is passed regularly through hygiene processes and can be suppressed against or appended to current customer and prospect files, which allows the licensee to generate records under a net name scenario. In addition, the database is scrubbed against the NCOA (national change of address) database provided by the United States Postal Service to maintain high deliverability.


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