CommPartners Hosts the Linksys One Platform

CommPartners has purchased equipment to provide network services through Linksys One, a hosted communication products platform. The CommPartners Connect for Linksys One service will be available nationwide through certified Linksys VARs.

Among the advantages of CommPartners hosting the Linksys One platform is a reduced time-to-market for network and system integration, according to Dave Clark, CEO and co-founder of CommPartners. The Linksys One plug-and-play technology automatically provisions pre-configured phones, switches, access points and other LAN-attached devices in minutes, he said. We think that CommPartners Connect for Linksys One will be an attractive product for VARs who should realize increased profitability through a recurring revenue stream, and increased sales productivity because Linksys One is designed to be easy to install, maintain and expand.

The Linksys One platform includes integrated data and voice products coupled with communications and network services provided by CommPartners, including local, long-distance and toll-free calling, LNP, directory listings, security, monitoring, management and QoS for VoIP.

The CommPartners Connect for Linksys One service is scheduled for availability in fall 2006.


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